This Quarantine, lesser screen time!

So this social distancing has gotten most of us staring into the screen, me included haha. But this genuinely gave me way too many headaches, and my eyes hurt almost constantly. So as a way to finally not focus on the phone, I do these things.

  1. I paint. Anything. Doesn’t have to be great. You can paint a portrait of someone in the house, the trees (or ugh concrete buildings) you see from your house, your pet, plants or even fruits and vegetables. It’s extremely calming for me. The whole idea that you have to excel at something to enjoy it, is highly capitalist in nature, something I don’t believe in. Tip: please don’t care what anyone else says about your art, it doesn’t matter.

  2. Reading!!! Fiction, non-fiction anything! I randomly re read my childhood favorites like Harry Potter, dork diaries, Malgudi days and the infamous Enid Blyton books. Also diary of a Wimpy kid is always a good way to pass time. In non-fiction I like to read educational stuff. Like something related to history or politics or sociology. I love reading books by Babasaheb Ambedkar because I learn so, so much. It helps me recognize my privilege. Also Sudha Murthy.

  3. Playing with my dog!!! Best way to relax! We play fetch and hide the treat game haha. I also love to teach her new tricks and she is a big people pleaser so she enthusiastically learns them. But just cuddling with your pet is so much fun!

  4. You can listen to audiobooks! Audible has started a free membership so for the people who don’t like reading, this is perfect.

  5. Play cards/other board games with your family! I personally absolutely love cards and board games like life, Othello, monopoly etc. It helps you bond with people while have fun.

  6. Cooking!!! I had hardly ever cooked till now! But since the social distancing started I have made so many things. I have cooked various daals, sabzis and many other vegan recipes! If you have an oven, baking is very relaxing.

  7. Clean your cupboard! I personally hate cleaning, but this time somehow it made me feel good. I cleaned and organized my book as well as my clothes cupboard.

  8. Lastly, SLEEP! A good 8hour sleep is so important. These are stressful times so it’s best to give your body a chance to rejuvenate beneficial for both, your mental and physical health.

- Chinmayee Kuber, Veterinary Student

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