Paint: Something so magical!

Lately, have you been wondering what it would have been like to not having our eyes glues to our screens. How good it would be to sit by the window in the evening just sipping on some tea or coffee and looking outside, introspecting and having a good self talk. Or keeping your hands busy in some hobby of yours which you actually enjoyed a few years ago but now, have lost the knack of it? Our screen time has got into our comfort zone, oh, and you can’t deny it! Because it has. We feel at ease while operating our devices because the real thing is that it doesn’t take any efforts. I realized it the hard way and I’m taking up the activities that I loved but which actually took efforts.

Painting; It’s one of the peaceful activities that I love. I put away my phone or just play some soft music, what better than ‘cigarettes after sex’ or ‘Kodaline’, but hey, whatever works for you. You just sit in one place, hold on to the canvas and go on with some strokes. You realize so many things when you take up activities that you admire. For me, painting is a carefree activity in where you just eye ball the details of the colors, how intricately different a shade is from other and how peaceful it looks when you put it on the canvas. How the image has to look, it’s all in your head, but you take it out in the most creative, uninhibited and a beautiful form, something that you find beautiful, it be a fancy landscape or some abstract strokes, but if you find it beautiful, all that matters. And this is just one of the things that I find so magical about painting. You put in your imagination, your keen sense of colors, your own personal skills. Something that you don’t get to do often, and you know it! So why not do something you love, something you’re good at or wanting to be good at. This time, let’s spend our time a little differently, not worrying about the result but enjoying the process. Cliché, yes! But, some tiny things that make a difference!

- Rushal Kadam

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