Do what makes you happy... like Writing!

Hello there, my name is Mahek Shaikh, and today I'm going to share something which is very dear to me.

Gulaab ban'ne pe dhyaan lagao meri jaan, kaate toh waise bhi chubtey hain

To start with, just like other people, especially teenagers, even I used to spend or more precisely waste my time on social media, I used to spend hours using my cellphone, which naturally irritated my mother. But, back then, it just wasn't easy for me to reduce or stop using my cellphone all of a sudden, I was stubborn, impulsive and too much addicted, which did affect my family environment.

But once, when I questioned myself, if using my cellphone all the day , is giving me any good result? The answer was obviously a big NO! It in fact left me with headaches and backaches, a lot of times. I then started or tried discovering, the skills I possess, the things I love to do, the things which actually makes me happy.

Trying helped me discover, my eternal love for writing, I honestly always loved gathering words and forming them into something beautiful. My brother, who himself is an absolutely amazing writer, once told me, when I was a little girl "Mahek, you should always put your thoughts into words " and years later, it did help me, everything started making sense. I always used to imagine a lot, and even now I do imagine, imagination is sometimes my beautiful escape from this cruel world.

When I started writing, of course, I was anxious about my writings, just like any other human would be. But, it didn't stop me from writing, my first story ever. I was scared with the thought of publishing it in one of the reading apps. I had questions, if people would really want to read what I wrote?

But as I said there was NO STOPPING for me, my guts told me, that I at least had to try and I did. The day after, when I got back home from my college, I had hundreds of notifications on that reading app. I was dancing out of joy, my friends were delighted , my happiness doubled up when I even started receiving comments. Readers appreciated me, they loved my work, they seemed to get connected with the characters and that's it, I never looked back after that.

I even discovered my skills of being a shayra ( A girl who does shayri or a poetess). I started writing shayri's. I even included them in my stories, my readers loved it; they motivated me, they wanted me to come up with more and more shayri's. Even if on that fortunate day, if I would've not received many comments, if my readers would've not loved my work, I'd still have tried and would've not given up as the josh in me to write was high.

Now, when I look at myself, I see myself as a girl who does what she loves. I first wrote my first chapter which consisted of 1000 words, when one day, I was as usual cleaning the house, I all of a sudden threw the broom on floor and started typing whatever came into my mind. When I look back, this incident makes me laugh and smile at the same time. I'm still not a perfect writer, I'm a learner, we all learn new things everyday and NOBODY IS PERFECT. I'd say my write ups and shayri's are my babies. I cherish them, they are treasure's which I possess, I read them myself; good or bad, I'm proud of them, because what is more important is I tried and I wrote.

According to me, everyone of us have the art of writing our thoughts down, we just need a little push, maybe realization of the hours i spend on social media was my push which bought me here.

When I'm happy, sad, angry, nervous, I turn towards writing. It has always helped me and I believe it'd help me all my life. Doing the things you love, discovering your skills, learning new skills is very important .


Zindagi meri, baatein tum kyu karte ho?
Khwaahishein meri, adchanein tum kyu dalte ho?
Main kar sakti hoon, jo mujhe karna hain,
Ek baar sahara dekar toh dekho, Ek baar mujhe aage badakar toh dekho, ye meri zindagi hain, isse main khul kar jeena chahti hoon, ye meri Khwaahishein hain, inhe main pura karna chahti hoon

- Mahek Shaikh 🤎✨

For more write ups of hers, check out TheEcstatic_Aroma's profile on Wattpad:

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