A Step Away From Screen Addiction

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Do you easily succumb to the glow of a screen, or the chirp of a newly arrived text?

Read on for more information on this 21st Century problem.

Over the past 30 years, there has been a marked expansion in screen-based communication and entertainment options available for adolescents. In addition to existing technologies such as television, video, and computer games, many adolescents have easy access to console games, text messaging, email, online instant messaging, and social networking websites.

We should start from basics, shouldn’t we? The first thing we should clear up is the term ‘addiction’ or more precisely in this case ‘behavioural addiction’.



The addiction (TV, gambling, game, and the Internet) in which the pathological problems seen in drug addiction without being dependent on any substance are observed is defined as behavioural addiction.

There are six criteria to consider a behaviour as an addiction. These are :

• Salience: That a certain action becomes vital in terms of life.

• Mood modification: That this action affects a person’s mood.

• Tolerance: The increase in the amount of the action to show the same effect on the person.

• Withdrawal: That unpleasant emotions or physical symptoms are seen when the action does not continue or stops immediately.

• Conflict: The conflict that a person experiences as a result of the dilemma between him/her and the people around him/her.

• Relapse: That a certain action tends to occur again after the avoidance or control lasting long years.



Screen addiction is when screen use becomes so compulsive that it leads to impaired daily functioning in terms of productivity, social relationships, physical health, or emotional well-being.

While the concept of ‘screen addiction’ would include accessing any potentially addicting activity that involves a display, the term has been routinely restricted to the context of video gaming & other forms of screen use from excessive messaging to social networking. However, watching TV series and movies, contributes significantly to screen exposure but still remains neglected.

Though many people may scoff at the notion that they’re ‘addicted’ to their screens, the risks associated with excessive screen time are worth reflecting upon — whether addicted or not.

So what do you feel ? Do you find yourself unable to escape from the web of screen addiction ? Fear not , for with our help, you can overcome this dangerous addiction, and hope for a better , healthy and productive tomorrow .

Happy digital detox.

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