The Digital Detox Challenges

Are you stuck in the vicious cycle of screen overuse? Do you want to get out of it, before it gets too late? It's a common thing these days for people to complain that they don’t have the time to do so many things they’ve always wanted to do! This is not because of the dearth of time, rather because people knowingly or unknowingly spend a major chunk of  their time on Screen Devices lost in virtual reality. So much so that, they forget to explore, experience and enjoy the Real World.


What is the challenge?

  • The participant will have to reduce their screen time per day to a 50% of the current.

(This excludes working hours and use of productivity applications and softwares like Acrobat, Office, Calling, Video-calling, Educational videos)

  • The detox could be taken for a variety of time periods viz. 3 Days, 7 Days or 21 Days.

  • In the meanwhile, the participant is required to choose and do a few activities mentioned below during the challenge.

What are the activities?


THE 'STEPS' - Activities which could be done in a day

  • Paint or Sketch – Bring out your inner artist and light up the canvas.

  • Bake or cook something for your family! – Cook up something magical, while keeping away from your phone

  • See a sunrise or sunset- See it with your eyes, not through the lens of your camera

  • Go for a run or Exercise- Health is Wealth, after all

  • Go out and play - Indulge the child within you and give your body some exercise

  • Gaze into the beautiful night sky- Look at the limitless sky and marvel at the infinite cosmos

  • Study - This one needs no explaining, does it? Catch up on your work

  • Call up old friends - Nothing like an honest conversation with your pals

  • Indulge in some self care - You deserve it after all

  • Food for Brain - Solve Sudoku, Rubik's cube, crossword and Puzzles

  • Spend some time gardening - Enrich the atmosphere, and your mind. Take care of your plants, check if they are getting enough sunlight, check their soil, water them.

  • Write a letter - Not as a 5 marks question in your English Boards, but as a genuine activity

  • Go cycling - Refresh your mind and body

  • Meditate - Dive within your inner spirits!

  • Skin care - Treat yourself with rejuvenating face masks, moisturizers

  • Music - Sing (and dance, if you wish) to beats of your favourite playlist (or discover new songs)

  • Play Board games - It's always fun with a tinge of competitive spirit. Or you can have scrabble tournaments, bananagrams, pictionary, Lego. Try playing cards.

  • Colouring Books - You're never too old for them

  • Deep Breathing - In through your nose and out through your mouth; works wonders!

  • See constellations.

  • Dye your hair.

  • Practice tongue twisters.

  • Aerobics and Yoga

  • Make a list of things for which your grateful/ which you like your yourself.

  • Any other – Freedom of thought, they say!


THE 'LADDERS' - Activities which could be done on weekends and holidays

  • Go on a hike, trek or camping - See the beauty of Mother Nature, and give a welcome break to your mind and body

  • Visit places around the town - Feed your wanderlust

  • Visit old age home or orphanages – Spread some love

  • Clean up the house - Cleanliness is next to godliness, Charity begins at home. Make your work space tidy.

  • Make a scrapbook, album or family tree- Have fun finding out new facts about your family along with unleashing the artist within you

  • Make greeting cards for veterans- Show your Creativity

  • Indulge in local activities like beach cleaning - Cleanliness is next to godliness #SwacchBharat

  • Barbeque night with family - The grilling experience amongst your loved ones

  • Organise a small trip – Go, get out, Travel, See the World

  • Go for a marathon - For a fitter and better tomorrow

  • Public speaking and organising - Give wings to your thoughts and share your mindset with the world

  • Learn Calligraphy

  • Reflect - Think about your own goals

  • Sleep. Get lots of itl

  • Any other – Freedom of thought, they say!


THE 'LEAPS' - Long term activities or desirable habits that you always wanted to inculcate!

  • Learn a new hobby – A good hobby stays with you for a lifetime. Knitting, crocheting are good options.

  • Learn a new sport – Play like a Champion

  • Try keeping a diary – Record your thoughts for the future, soar in the waves of nostalgia

  • Improve your sleeping habits – A Healthy Mind requires sound sleep

  • Gym – Improve your fitness, that’s what matters in the long run (Set up a workout routine)

  • Improve self-confidence – Learn to believe in your abilities

  • Learn yoga and meditation – Find some inner peace

  • Quit bad habits (other than phone) – The transformation you always wished, but didn’t succeed to

  • Read newspapers and novels – Read to enrichen your mind

  • Learn photography – Show the world your perspective

  • Learn an instrument- Channel your inner Beethoven or Jimi Hendrix

  • Learn painting, singing, dancing – An artist lives forever - Origami, Calligraphy, Beatboxing are good options.

  • Moreover, you can engage in DIY projects like - Hanging garden basket, painted garden stones, Jar garden, wallpaper dresser, clothes hanger, homemade technological tools, etc.

  • Journal or Blog - Start expressing yourself

  • Learn a foreign language/ old English words.

  • Start writing a short book/ story.

  • Create a personal development plan.

  • Any other – Freedom of thought, they say!


REQUIREMENTS FROM PARTICIPANT - What is the minimum number of activities to be done?

  • The 3 Days Challenge - 3 steps

  • The 7 Days Challenge - 3 steps AND 1 ladder

  • The 21 Days Challenge - 10 steps AND 2 ladders AND 1 leap

The participants have the freedom of decision to select the maximum number of activities they wish to do, going beyond the boundaries of the 'Types' mentioned above, irrespective of the duration of the challenge.




  • Please download the application YourHour (click on the name to get redirected to Google PlayStore).

  • For a limited number of participants, we are giving away promo codes for unlocking premium version on a first come first serve basis. To unlock premium version, use the promo code which will be sent to you via e-mail within 48 hours of registration of challenge. (Please check the mail under 'All mails' and 'Spam' sections as well. If still not found, contact us.)

  • Please note that having a premium version is NOT compulsory for participating in the challenge.

  • Click here to watch the tutorial for using the application (including promo code activation). 

  • Set your daily total limit to 50% of current.

  • Then add the educational & productive apps under productivity criteria. Set appropriate time limits for each app after which it would be locked automatically, and you are good to go.

  • It is recommendable to take subchallenges like app diets.


  • Go to Settings > Screen Time.-

  • Tap Turn On Screen Time.

  • Tap Continue.

  • Select This is My [device].

  • You can now get a report about how you use your device, apps, and websites, any time you want.

  • Set appropriate time limits for each app after which it would be locked automatically, and you are good to go.

  • For detailed analysis (this is required to be submitted), tap on 'See all activity'






On completion of your challenge, click on the CHALLENGE COMPLETION FORM button below wherein you will be required to do the following things:​

  • Share your success story in words and images. This story will be shown on the website so that you can inspire lots more people to develop this healthy lifestyle.

  • Optionally, you can also upload an image holding a printout of the following banner happily 'showing off' your reason to take a digital detox. (Click here or on the representative image to get the Google Drive Link for downloading the same)

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