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The Digital Detox Challenges

Are you stuck in the vicious cycle of screen overuse? Do you want to get out of it, before it gets too late? It's a common thing these days for people to complain that they don’t have the time to do so many things they’ve always wanted to do! This is not because of the dearth of time, rather because people knowingly or unknowingly spend a major chunk of  their time on Screen Devices lost in virtual reality. So much so that, they forget to explore, experience and enjoy the Real World.

Success Stories

(Please take a note that the information shown in three columns is separate and might not relate to the same participant)

Prashant Saraf

A challenge how dreadful it may seem, always comes with the strength to complete it.
Now as I have completed the challenge, I want to pay a small tribute to it.

This poem best expresses my feelings -

O screen device!
Tempting was your glaring screen,
Video games, TV shows use to come in my dream,
PC - Smartphone - TV, this was my team,
Their overuse was making me scream!

But O challenge!
Thanks for helping me,
For reconnecting with my inner me.

Completing you was not so easy,
I had to keep myself busy.

O Challenge!
Now you are my best friend,
Keep saving me from that subtle end!!

I request all to accept the challenges.
Set a goal and complete it.
It’s always fun to do the activities that you want to but time does not permits!

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About Us

India is one of the top five mobile gaming markets in the world with more than 222 million active gamers. As on 2020 January, India has 376 million people on social media. It is said that an average person now unlocks his smartphone 150 times a day to check WhatsApp Messages. India has the second-highest public binge-watchers in the world, says Netflix. These exponentially rising trends of digital dependency made us, the students of Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital, Mumbai, to conduct a study to determine the prevalence of screen addiction and associated health concerns and to start our initiative called R.E.S.C.U.E.-Remedies for Excessive Screen Use and Exposure, of which, this website is a part. Thus, we, a team of 12 fanatically enthusiastic members, under the valuable guidance of Dr. Shilpa Adarkar, a renowned psychiatrist, through this website will help you break free from your screen addiction into a more meaningful world of reality where one can play, pray, love, cook, dance, sing, jump and discover everything that mother nature has predisposed mankind with.

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